How It Works

For Local Auction:


1. Free Registration:

Register with us for FREE by filling out an online membership form. Fill out your basic information and you will be provided with a dedicated access to CarZaamin Local Auction Stock from where you can view details of different cars in Local Auction.

2. Security Deposit/Initial Deposit:

You are required to deposit an amount of 20,000 PKR before participating in the auction process. CarZaamin will not authorize any member to start the bidding process without the payment of security deposit.

The security deposited by the bidder is fully refundable and/or reusable for another bid in case the bidder does not win its desired bid. The security amount will be managed as per bidders’ agreement.

3. Physical Inspection:

Bidder can inspect the car physically before participating in auction. CarZaamin is responsible for each and every information given on Zamanat Certificate (car detailed sheet). If bidder inspects the car after winning bid, company will be responsible for the given details on Zamanat Certificate.

4. Bidding:

Now you can start the bidding process. As our registered member, you can bid online in live auto auction for any desired car. Your continuous bids will also be shown in My Auction in Progress and your previous bids will be shown in My Auction Finished. Once you win any car through CarZaamin Live Auction, your Purchased History will get updated.

5. Auction Results:

You can see live auction and prices of vehicles, after completion of vehicle auction results will show in Results section.

6. Invoice:

Once you win the car through live bidding the invoice will be shown in Purchase History in My Page and the invoice will also be sent to you through email on your registered email address. Further on you will get a notification of buying through text message at your registered number.

7. Payment:

As you receive the invoice in your email, you will have to deposit the payment within given time period in CarZaamin’s account.
The total price is calculated based on the original price of the car, with service charges and also with delivery charges (if mentioned).

8. Meeting & Documentation:

After confirmation of payment as per the agreed payment plan, we will arrange meeting of seller and buyer for a clear and transparent deal. We will hand over complete verified documents and vehicle to the buyer. The documents include:

1. Original/Duplicate File (if Available)
2. Original/Duplicate Book/Card (if Available)
3. Transfer Deed
4. Invoice
5. Insurance (if Available)
6. CarZaamin`s Zamanat Certificate


Schedule an Inspection:

Call us on our UAN: +92 42 111 227 070 or use our online Appointment form. The meeting will be arranged at your convenient time.


Our professional and trained experts’ team will inspect your car and verify the documents of your car. Once the inspection and verification has been completed, we will share your car inspection report with you. With your consent we will upload your vehicle`s complete fair information on our upcoming stock/online live auction with your suggested price for Free.

Confirmation Call:

A day before auction date CarZaamin’s representative will confirm from seller about physical appearance of vehicle in auction.

Physical Appearance of Vehicle:

Registered Vehicle should be present in CarZaamin`s place a day before auction start up. Otherwise CarZaamin reserves all the rights to cancel or hold its auction and not to entertain the vehicle again.


On designated time and date the vehicle and its price can be viewed by seller in live auction.

Sale Closing Call:

Vehicle will be sold if the vehicle attains its suggested price or above. On attaining its suggested price seller will receive a call from CarZaamin`s representative and a text message on the given mobile number. The seller will also be informed via email. If the vehicle does not attain its suggested price on closing time, CarZaamin`s representative will ask the seller if he/she is interested to sell or hold the vehicle.

Receiving Documents:

After the completion of auction seller will have to handover complete documents of vehicles to CarZaamin.

Meeting & Payment:

CarZaamin will arrange meeting with seller and buyer after completing auction, seller will receive the amount and has to pay service charges separately.


We keep seller’s personal information and registration number of vehicle hidden as per our company’s policy. CarZaamin is responsible for all the details about vehicles available in auction and stock list.

Privacy Policy:

We keep our customers, buyer and seller, data very secure and we will never leak or share our customer`s information to any third party.


Zamanat Certificate (go to CarZaamin’s Zamanat Certificate page) is a certificate issued by CarZaamin after the car is inspected by its auto experts’ team. Every car that will be auctioned here will carry a CarZamanat certificate which will ensure its condition as it is. A client can also separately request for CarZamanat Certificate by paying a small fee.
Note: The only clients auctioning their car through CarZaamin will get their cars inspected for free.
Pakistan Auction (Pakistan Live Auction Page) includes all the stock available on CarZaamin locally.
Japanese Auction (Japanese Auction Information Page) includes all Japanese auctioned cars available on Japanese auctioning sites.

Pakistan Auction: