Suzuki Cultus for Sale in Lahore Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus for sale in Lahore

Suzuki Cultus for Sale in Lahore

Suzuki Cultus for Sale in Pakistan : Suzuki Cultus is a subcompact hatchback that was introduced by Suzuki Japan in 1983. Some reports also say that the original project was initiated by the General Motor (U.S.A.) but midway the company realized that it would not be profitable.

General Motors sold the entire project to Suzuki Japan in return of five percent share in the Japanese automobile company. Suzuki further completed the project and launched it in 1983 as the first generation of Suzuki Cultus.

Suzuki Cultus Models

This same model was also sold as under few other badges such as Suzuki Swift, Holden Barina, Chevrolet Sprint, Pontiac Firefly and the least known Geo Metro which also offered a convertible variant.

The first generation model of Suzuki Cultus was offered with 1.0L three cylinder engine, mated with manual transmission. For few other markets a 1.3L four cylinder engine was also offered with manual transmission.

The first generation of Suzuki Cultus/Swift for Sale in Lahore Pakistan was badge as Suzuki Khyber by Pak Suzuki. This nameplate was only sold in Pakistan. Suzuki Cultus for Sale in Pakistan was introduced in 1989 and the production lasted till 2000.

Internationally, by 1989 the first gen Suzuki Cultus/Swift (a.k.a. Khyber) was ended and the second generation was already introduced by Suzuki Japan. It was same as the second generation Alto (Mehran) was launched in 1989, close to its model death in International market.

The Khyber was slightly bigger and comfortable as compared to Mehran (second gen Alto). Although Pak Suzuki never offered a standardized build quality of Suzuki vehicles but the Khyber was a hit in local market.

In Pakistan Suzuki Cultus for Sale was offered as a single variant, equipped with 1.0L three cylinder engine, mated with a five speed manual transmission. The Air-Con was still an option with other very basic features.

However the production of Khyber was drastically dragged till 2000, ten years over its actual discontinuation.

In 2000 the Pak Suzuki launched Cultus to our local market which was actually a second generation Cultus/Swift launched in 1988 by Suzuki Japan. Again it was a close to death model that was introduced in a worry after the arrival of Hyundai Santro Plus (a.k.a. Hyundai Atos).

Pak Suzuki continuing its practices of late model launches and poor build quality, Suzuki Cultus in Lahore was an instant hit with ever increasing demand nationwide.

Features of Suzuki Cultus for Sale in Pakistan

Initially Cultus in Pakistan was launched in three variants as VX, VXR and VXL all equipped with a 1.0L three cylinder carburetor engine, mated with a five speed manual transmission. Today you can find as many as you like Suzuki Cultus for sale in Lahore.

In 2007, Cultus went through slight cosmetic changes and the 1.0L three cylinder carburetor engine was replace with a 1.0L four cylinder EFi engine. The cosmetic changes could be seen in headlights, bumpers and a tachometer was made standard. Still in 2007 the Cultus was not offered with standard power steering, power windows or ABS.

The VX variant was pretty basic car with no Air-Con, black bumpers and side mirrors. In the VXR variant couples of changes were made, Air Con was added, with only body color matching bumpers still the side mirrors were black.

Coming to the VXL, as the top end variant, it has Air-Con, matching bumpers, matching side mirrors and door handles, hydraulic power steering and power windows. Even after all the basic goodies in VXL variant the poor build quality still left it as a horrible car.

Later in 2010 the VXL variant in Cultus was stopped due to the launch of the Suzuki Swift which had all these features as basic but with a higher price tag. So the Cultus would be a competitor to its bigger sibling with a cheaper price tag.

The Cultus remained a runner-up in the Suzuki hatchback lineup. However, even after the launch of Suzuki Swift in our local market the Cultus in lahore was demand like before due to its low cost maintenance and widely available new and used spare parts.

The Cultus earned it name of being a family hatchback with practical design, reasonable fuel economy and easy to repair. It was a very basic car with simple electronic and mechanical components.

With its overdue death in 2016, Pak Suzuki introduced Suzuki Celerio under the badge of Cultus. This time again, new shaped Cultus (Celerio) was launched with a three years delay in 2017 from international launch (2014).

New Suzuki Cutlus for Sale in Lahore

The new Cutlus was launched in only two variant VXR and VXL. Thankfully the idea of VX was dropped.

The entry level variant VXR was standardized with basic features as electronic power steering, power windows, Air Con, ABS and two airbags for driver and front passenger.

The VXL variant was added up with electronically adjustable, body color matching side mirrors and alloy wheels.

Despite the continued poor build quality by Pak Suzuki, the new Cultus was welcomed with higher demand from local market. The previous Cultus was ended due to dropped demand in the last years.

Both variants of new Cultus are equipped with 1.0L three cylinder EFi engine, mated with a five speed manual or a hydraulically operated automatic transmission.

The engine offered in new Cultus is an advanced K10B engine. It is often mixed with the K10B (a.k.a. K Next) offered in Wagon R but it is not the same engine. The different in both is the compression ratio. Wagon R’s K10B has a compression ratio of 10 while new Cultus’ K10B give compression ratio of 11.

Now two years since its launch the Cultus is well known for its better fuel economy with both manual and automatic transmissions.

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Suzuki Cultus for Sale in Lahore Pakistan

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