Suzuki Alto for Sale in Lahore Pakistan

Suzuki Alto for sale in Lahore

Suzuki Alto for Sale in Lahore

Suzuki Alto is a Kei car launched by Suzuki Japan in 1979. Initially the Alto badge was intended to use as a rebadged commercial vehicle of Suzuki Fronte model and a badge for export markets. Later on the Alto badge was appreciated and it was widely used for multiple Suzuki models offered in Japan and other global markets including Suzuki Alto for Sale in Lahore Pakistan.

The Kei car category is Japanese classification for smallest possible vehicles with specifications that also keeps it highway legal. Both passenger and commercial cars are made in this category. Kei car category is also well known for its compact practical design with impressive fuel economy.

As above mentioned, the first generation Suzuki Alto was launched in 1979 in Japan and now it is running in its eighth generation worldwide. The first gen Alto was launched in two door and four door configurations in Japan with 550cc two-stroke engine and later with 550cc four-stroke engine.

Alto budget car for Sale in Lahore

The Alto is highly appreciated car from Suzuki family and is also well known for being a budget car [Suzuki Alto in Lahore Pakistan], practical commuter and high fuel economy.

Suzuki Alto for Sale in Lahore Pakistan

The first generation Suzuki Alto for Sale in Lahore Pakistan was launched in 1983 when in Japan this generation was almost near to its end. The first gen Alto was named FX 800 (SS80) in Pakistan. It was offered with an 800cc three-cylinder engine coupled with a four speed manual transmission.

It was locally produced by then known as Awami Autos Ltd. (Pakistan Government operated automobile manufacturer under Pakistan Automobile Corporation). Its local production lasted till 1988.

Later on the FX 800 was replaced by the second generation Alto in 1989 which was also locally produced. Pak Suzuki rebadged it as Mehran in 1992 for our local market only. It was offered as a four door hatchback with 800cc three-cylinder engine mated with four speed manual transmission. Air-con was still an optional feature in locally produced second gen Alto till its production end as Mehran in 2018.

Second Generation of Suzuki Alto for Sale

Again the second generation Alto was launched in Pakistan when Suzuki Japan was almost going to introduce its third generation in 1988. The Mehran was produced till 2018 with little cosmetic changes over three decades and no safety or comfort features since beginning.

Since its launch the second gen Alto was already a stripped down version of Japanese model but its miserably prolonged production made it an ancient metal box with obsolete design and technology built with even pathetic manufacturing standards.

Even being produced with pathetic quality the car was immensely appreciated and demand nationwide. After the Mehran (Alto) hit the local market Suzuki did not bother to launch any of the upcoming Alto generations in Pakistan until a Korean rival, Hyundai Santro was introduced to local market just like Suzuki Alto in Pakistan.

Since the launch of first ever competitor to Suzuki’s subcompact hatchback (Mehran), in 2000 the fifth generation Alto was launched in Pakistan. Mehran was plainly no match to better built, better designed, spacious and modern tech (at its time) Santro.

Suzuki launched the fifth gen Alto alongside Mehran, whereas Mehran (originally second gen Alto) was discontinued long time ago. The fifth gen Alto carried smoother looks as compared to Mehran but was still not pleasant as Santro was. This generation was also locally produced from 2000 till 2012.

However, Pak Suzuki stripped it down from power steering, power windows, Air-con and ABS. Till then internationally all the subcompact hatchbacks were offered standard with above mentioned and even more features of Suzuki Alto for sale in Pakistan.

Fifth Generation Alto in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki offered two variants of fifth gen Alto named as VX and VXR. Both had very little difference as VX had black bumpers with no Air Con and VXR was offered with body-matching colored bumpers with Air Con. Both variants were four door hatchbacks, equipped with a 1.0L four cylinders engine mated with five-speed manual transmission.

Locally the fifth gen Alto is known as a small family car under reasonable budget. Even though the hatchback lacks basic safety and comfort features still it is liked by our local used car buyers. There is a mixed review about its fuel economy as it has a carburetor engine.

Pak Suzuki is notorious for selling featureless cars with poor build quality. The manufacturing stopped in 2012 the cars available on the road are pretty used. Road and traffic conditions considered the cars suffer beating running life.

If you are searching for a car in reasonable budget then Suzuki Alto (fifth gen) is a good choice. It reasonably priced in used car market and can accommodate four passengers. The long run benefit for owing a Suzuki Alto is its low cost maintenance. So, check auction for Suzuki Alto for sale in Lahore.

Suzuki Alto Parts

Parts are available throughout Pakistan in various qualities and in cheap prices. After Mehran, Alto is a good car for those who are going to buy their first car. There is a huge availability of Suzuki Alto for sale in Lahore.

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