Honda City for Sale in Lahore Pakistan


Honda City for Sale in Lahore

Honda City for Sale in Lahore Pakistan : Honda City has been around, since 1997 in Pakistan. It was a very pleasant addition to Honda line up in Pakistan after a successfully running Honda Civic EG series.

Internationally the first generation of Honda City was launched in 1981 as a three-door subcompact hatchback aimed for Japanese, European and Australasian market only.

Its first generation was powered by a mere 1.2L four cylinder engine. For some unsaid reasons the City production ended by 1994, after the second generation. Later in 1996 the City badge was revived by Honda Japan with a subcompact four door sedan for developing markets.

Honda City for Sale in Pakistan

Though originally the Honda City was a subcompact sedan, but for our local market in Pakistan it was considered as a midsize sedan with offering ample space for four adults. All the basic features such as Air Con, power windows, power steering, and quality upholstery were offered as standard.

Since the launch of locally assembled Civic EG series, Honda Atlas (a subsidiary of Honda Japan in Pakistan) has gained a good name for high standard assembled units.

Shortly after the arrival of Honda City for Sale in Lahore it was also appreciated by the users and saw an increasing market demand. Internationally it was the third generation of Honda City but for Pakistan it was the first ever model introduced here.

The third generation Honda City for Sale in Lahore was powered by a 1.3L (3A2) or a 1.5L (3A3) four cylinder engines. Both engines had EFi fuel system. Honda Atlas offered both variants in Pakistan.

Along Civic it was highly appreciated due its good design and better quality compared to Suzuki cars and Toyota cars that were also locally assembled.

In 2000, the third generation Honda City for Sale in Pakistan went through a significant facelift which almost renewed its appearance. The face-lifted third generation City was offered till 2003.

With the launch of facelift in 2000, the 1.5L variant as not offered anymore. Only 1.3L engine was offered in two trim variants EXi and a EXi S.

The EXi was a basic or more appropriately state a “stripped down” version. Power windows were removed from EXi and low quality upholstery was offered in it. Thankfully the Air Con was kept standard.

The EXi S variant still had a still had all the basic features along with a better sound system and chrome trim around the window glass. It was also with an option of automatic transmission.

In 2003, the fourth generation Honda City was launched globally. In Pakistan Honda City for Sale also it was introduced in 2003 as a local assembled unit. This time the City appeared with a totally new design and dimensions. This generation of Honda City for Sale in Lahore was a totally new platform in itself.

The new shape was also rebadged as FIT Aria for Japanese market. This generation was also offered in an all-wheel drive platform for some markets. In China it was sold under the badge name of Fit Saloon.

In Pakistan the design of fourth generation Honda City for sale in Lahore was not appreciated, but reasonable pricing and good quality it sold in good numbers.

This generation was offered with a 1.3L four cylinder engine mated with five speed manual and a four speed automatic transmission. This series of engine also has a twin spark function to improve fuel economy.

Third Generation of Honda City for Sale in Lahore

The facelift of third gen Honda City was introduced by 2005 in Pakistan. The cosmetic changes were significantly eye-pleasing. With its facelift a new variant was also offered as a top end City.

The new variant was powered with a 1.5L four cylinder EFI V-Tec engine with a five speed manual or an automatic transmission. The automatic model was named “steermatic”, which gave the option of electronically shifting gears from steering-wheel mounted buttons.

This was the first time ever a locally assembled car was offering a semi-automatic transmission operated from steering wheel. The third gen of Honda City for sale in Lahore was again a success in local market.

Fifth Generation of Honda City for Sale in Pakistan

In 2008 the fifth generation of Honda City (GM series) was launched worldwide. Few months later the fifth gen City was introduced by Honda Atlas in Pakistan.

This time again the Honda City for sale went through a total revamp, both structure and design wise. It carried a modern design and latest technological advancements in structure building.

Like previous three generations of Honda City, it was also built in several countries, including Pakistan. But production Honda City for sale in Pakistan was only for local market.

Internationally the fifth gen City (GM series) was offered with various powertrains ranging from 1.3L to 1.8L all inline four cylinder engine configurations.

In Pakistan it was only offered with a 1.3L four cylinder, EFi Vtec engine available with a five speed manual or an automatic transmission.

Later in 2012, Aspire named variant was introduced in Pakistan. Initially this variant was loaded with touchscreen navigation system, leather seats, beige colored interior trims and powered by a 1.5L four cylinder Vtec engine.

Later on, Aspire was offered as a variant of 1.3L Honda City and the 1.5L engine was stopped. Again after a while Aspire was offered with 1.3L and a 1.5L engines.

Sixth Generation of Honda City for Sale

In 2014, Honda globally launched the sixth generation of City. Apparently it looked similar to the fifth gen Honda City, but every exterior panel, including front and rear lights were redesigned. Overall it is an attractive design which is expected to be replaced globally by seventh gen City in 2019.

Unfortunately, Honda Atlas has been running fifth generation long over its global demise. Honda Atlas is still minting money out of fifth gen City by giving it facelifts that are almost to nothing and drastically increasing the price tag.

Due to lack of competition in entry level sedans in local market, Honda Atlas is continuing to sell fifth gen City and its build quality is getting lower and compromised day by day.

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